C64 and 1702 monitor issue with Luna Chroma Audio cable

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C64 and 1702 monitor issue with Luna Chroma Audio cable

Post by radron5809 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:33 am

With jacks on front of screen all looks fine. I heard using the chroma luna audio cable and the rear jacks would result in better images. I ordered cable off ebay, and with the luna chroma audio cable I get what reminds me of a refresh rate scan line or something. It's about 1 1/2 inches high, covers width of screen, slowly scrolls up and before it's off the screen a new one starts at bottom of screen and scrolls upward. You can really notice it if the background is black, or darker. The images are clear, no lines or anything, except this obnoxious scrolling thing. Only way I can describe it is when you see a pc screen on video, you see the refresh lines you normally don't see with the naked eye, it's just like that but doesn't scroll very fast, about 4 seconds to get from bottom of screen to top of screen. Like I said, using the old cable (just audio and video) with the front connectors, I don't see this happen. Also, when using the luna chroma audio cable, if I remove the chroma cable, it still does it but no color. I also tried two C64s in case one had an issue, had same result. Would a crappy cable cause this? I don't have another to try, but the one I got looks like piss poor shielding.

Any ideas? Is this normal when using the luna chroma audio cable? I did record the screen using my phone, I see faster diagonal lines scrolling that I don't see with the naked eye, and I can see that slower upward scrolling also.

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Re: C64 and 1702 monitor issue with Luna Chroma Audio cable

Post by 486junkie » Fri Feb 02, 2018 5:13 pm

There are a couple of suspects for the lines showing up:

1) Bad or shitty shielding on the LCA cable
2) RF modulator is about ready to give up
3) Bad or missing RF shield inside the C64 that's either above (C64C models) or below (older breadbox models).
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