What's your favourite Emulator?

Vice, CCS64 etc
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Re: What's your favourite Emulator?

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WinVice... esp now that it has SuperCPU support (experimental). Though I wish I could find some real hardware... I used to have quite a collection till it was all destroyed. I had a dozen or so systems (64/128) about a dozen drives... mostly 1541 and 81... and ONE 1571... and about 5 boxes full of commercial software (most boxed) not to mention the roughly 2000 floppies full of software and printers, misc hardware like the REU, HAM radio cart, MORSE telegraph cart... that was unique... anyway, lost it all. Finding hardware is like trying to find a Leprechaun riding a Unicorn over a rainbow carrying the winning PowerBall ticket to me.

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Re: What's your favourite Emulator?

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Endurion wrote:VICE as well. Because of its technically awesome debugger which can be remote controlled.
Ive noticed that when you step out the monitor on vice it does not refresh the display. Perhaps I'm configuring something wrong?
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Re: What's your favourite Emulator?

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I would say VICE, unfortunately it is now infested by the presence of Groepaz.
A character that just talks, destroys and rarely builds something on his own.
An example:
https://sourceforge.net/p/vice-emu/feat ... uests/371/

He didn't even take the time to read or study the problem.
As usual accused me of "guessing" without proving.
I told him 3 times that that version of LCP has no protection.
Did he listen? No. He just wrote b*shit.

The same guy even modified the 1541 emulation code a few days after I released my 1541 Speed Test, thinking it would create problems to it.
Well it didn't but now most speed testers (the ones before mine) won't work correctly.
They were never accurate as mine but at leaste they didn't give wrong results as they now do at low speeds.
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Re: What's your favourite Emulator?

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Yeah, I tried to encourage Groepaz to support a legacy format for VIC-20 cartridge images in VICE that would make all the carts of more than 8k into a single file. He reacted as if my suggestion came from Neptune...

Back in the 80s, no official name was given to this way of storing cartridge images. I wanted to call it LUCIF -> Legacy Unified Cartridge Image Format.

This guy just bullies everyone into his point of view wherever he goes.
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