Mega65 Retro Computer - Kickstarter for moulds

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Mega65 Retro Computer - Kickstarter for moulds

Post by RobertB » Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:33 am

Development of the Mega65, a clone of the Commodore 65, is progressing slowly but surely. Prototyping has gone on for a few years, prototype boards have been sent out to beta testers, and now a Kickstarter campaign has started to gather money to build the steel moulds (molds) for the injection-molded cases of the Mega65.

I have sent in my donation! For more information on the Mega65, go to

or go to the page for Kickstarter donations at

To see the Mega65 discussion forum, go to (which will lead you to

or on Facebook, see

Happy New Year!
Robert Bernardo
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