SaRuMan-VDC 64k RAM for C128 VDC

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SaRuMan-VDC 64k RAM for C128 VDC

Post by eslapion » Thu Aug 01, 2019 6:49 am

I am now offering a new type of 64k RAM expansion for the VDC.

The traditional type of 64k expansion board for the VDC simply disconnects the two 16k x 4 DRAM chips from the mainboard and offers a pair of sockets for two 64k x 4 DRAM chips. Francis's new type is much smaller, consumes much less power and uses a single static RAM chip.

Here are pictures of the product:
SaRuMan-VDC 64k expansion top side
SaRuMan-VDC 64k expansion bottom side
The price tag is 18$US or 15 Euros per unit + shipping.

Shipping a small packet (up to 8 units) to the US is 8$. Shipping cost for Australia/NZ and South America is 10$US, Europe is 8 Euros.

Quantity discounts are applicable.

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