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LumaTOLB - LumaFix with TOLB combo

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 4:42 pm
by eslapion
LumaFix and TOLB combined in a single board called LumaTOLB.

The size and design of this board also finally allows boards 326298, 250407 and KU-14194 to have a new clock generator in a simple little board which fits neatly under the VIC-II. Designed to meet the tight space constraints of these C64 boards. It will also work well with all other C64 boards; 250425, 250466, SX-64 and C64 reloaded MK1. Available in NTSC or PAL flavors.

Chroma attenuation for normal S-Video levels is done with a fixed resistor instead of a potentiometer. You can cut a jumper to restore the full chroma amplitude for Commodore monitors/LCA cabling.

Price is 20 Euros (24$US) plus shipping.
Shipping a small packet (up to 8 units) to the US is 8$US. Shipping cost for Australia/NZ and South America is 10$US, Europe is 8 Euros.