Roadwar 2000 source

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Roadwar 2000 source

Post by Heart » Fri Dec 15, 2017 7:23 pm

Someone else may have already done this, and I don't know if there is any interest, but here is my own attempt at recreating the Roadwar 2000 BASIC source code.

These files have been sitting on my hard-drive since 2010 and appear to be still intact. The sources here are only for the Jet compiled BASIC files.

These decompiled files are as close to the original as I think is practical--they don't have any comments, the line numbers are machine-generated, and they have one statement per line. It's anyone's guess what the original sources looked like.

My intention in recreating the source code was to alter the empty FOR...NEXT loops to be compatible with the 4 MHz TurboMaster, but I lost interest in playing the game before then. Maybe someone else has more ambition than me.

It's interesting to try to read through the code, but actually, I don't think the source is very usable. The original author did some very strange things. Like having a subroutine right in the middle of a FOR loop, where there is a call to the subroutine in the FOR loop. I guess he must have realized he needed to turn some lines into a subroutine, and did so right in place, and then simply GOTOed around it without bothering to move it.

Also, there are meaningless numbers, POKEs, SYSes, GOTOs, and GOSUBs in just about every line.

It's too bad because it would have made an interesting port to the VDC chip.
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