Commodore 817 controller

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Commodore 817 controller

Post by jrubin » Sat Jul 05, 2014 4:34 am

This thread will be where I will be posting information on my current project


Im writing a variant in assembly

Changes to the radio EEPROM take Immediate effect.
Right now its all about communication and reading, not writing, that comes later

The process I have for the commodore is (in its most simplest form using 1 example)
VFO-A/B $0055 bit0 0 = VFO-A, 1 = VFO-B

using the get, to read address 0055 and 0056 (rig always reads and writes 16 bits at a time)
from c64 to rig ------------> 00 55 00 00 BB

returns 16 bits , 2 hex values between 00 and FF

2E 09 <--------------- from rig to c64

store it into 2 memory areas

load that value into the register and use an AND with a mask to turn all bits to 0 except bit 0

load that value into another memory address which in this case would be either 00 or 01

test that value to determine if it is vfo A or B and in a subroutine update the letter after a space after the label VFO

Quasi routine here.,,,,,
1. position cursor code
2. CMP 0 / BEQ load ascii value of chr A into register routine
3. CMP 1 / BEQ load ascii value of chr B into register routine
4. jsr $ffd2

this would be with multiple memory areas and values but this paints a clear picture.

I have another thread open to resolve the RS232 question before I proceed

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