Commodore DIN Plugs

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Commodore DIN Plugs

Post by Thingumybob »

I’ve been looking for DIN plugs for the 1541. I wanted to purchase them from a distributor such as Mouser or Digi-Key; but, I can’t find an exact replacement.

Here’s what I did find though. A distributor named Pan Pacific sells a six pin DIN-5500-S.

I emailed them for a data sheet since they don’t have it posted on their website. I measured the pin spacing off the 1541 circuit board with calipers. The pin spacing appears to be an exact match.

I have one broken jack on my 1541 but I’m going to order two and change them both. I’ll update this post with my results.



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Re: Commodore DIN Plugs

Post by eslapion »

There seems to be problems with the Canadian search engine of DigiKey. I logged on the US version and found these:

- 9-211509-0 from TE

- 5212045-1 from TE

- SDS-60J from CUI

- SDF-60J from CUI

These may have different footprints so check carefully.
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