A closeup and partial disassembly of a different head

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A closeup and partial disassembly of a different head

Post by Gyro Gearloose » Wed Feb 19, 2020 1:55 am

Here's a head from a Mitsubishi G62M double-sided double-density sled.

This is completely different from the straddle erase head in the Newtronics.

The head is on a metal foil suspension as is the opposite head. The read/write ferrites end up away from each other when the heads clamp on the floppy. The stripe of one head lines up with the blank part of the other head.

We can see the tunnel erase structure must have been simpler to build and used less material. Of course the "trim erase" circuitry on the drive had to accommodate the gap, so this wouldn't work as-is in a 1541.

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