A few insane applications for the Teensy 4.1

Disk drives, Monitors, SuperCPU etc.
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A few insane applications for the Teensy 4.1

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Perhaps some of you are familiar with Arduino microcontrollers of various types. They are so popular Chinese vendors have started pumping cheap clones on the market for a few peanuts! One Of the well known application is a DRAM tester tester you can buy as a kit.

Now, over the last few years a spin-off family of uC called Teensy have offered higher and higher performances and about twice as many IOs to indulge your needs. The latest variant (4.1) boasts a 600 MHz Cortex M7 processing unit, support for 100Mbps Ethernet, a built-in uSD card slot capable of transfering at up to 20MB/s and support for extra QSPI RAM and Flash chips.

What does this have to do with the C64 ? Well, this :

There is supposed to be a video on YouTube about it but I couldn't find any.

This Teensy is so fast it can even generate video in software and there is a version of Doom you can play using a USB keyboard :

Of course to achieve that requires a VGA library for the Teensy and it works quite well.

I now use a Teensy 4.1 to test the PLAnktons and it performs the job in 130 milliseconds.

A LOT more to come!!!

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