Azimuth alignment tapes ?

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Azimuth alignment tapes ?

Post by ViperSan » Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:03 am

So ..I have several datasette units ..2 of which are fitted with the mini din as used bt c16 and plus 4
I know asimuth alignment tapes exist ..not that I have one atm.
My question is ..should I manage to find one of these tapes ...will the program it contains run on all commodore machines. it a 'basic' program ?
Obviously I could use a datasette with a standard C2N connector on VIC or C64 ..or even a PET ..but not the units with mini din..which would require a hook up to my C16 or one of the +4s ..thus the program must also run on those computers.
..first I gotta find one ..
no point in writing one myself with a datasette ..unless I knew that unit was perfectly aligned ..
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