The world without Internet - Software broadcast on radio

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The world without Internet - Software broadcast on radio

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Have you ever "downloaded" any software from radio or tv? If yes what software and from what station? Any links to this software?

Let me also invite you for a short video:

*** An amazing journey back in time to the "prehistoric" era, when there was no Internet and computer programs were broadcast over the radio. A story about Atari, ZX Spectrum and Commodore. Long-forgotten titles regained thanks to a few enthusiasts. An explanation of where the iconic beep sounds in the air came from? And lots of curiosities for dessert. Old tape recorders. First teletext broadcasts. Prestel and Minitel terminals. The mysterious abbreviation BBS. Software on vinyls. And many, many more... Almost 25 minutes during which you will not be able to tear yourself away from your computer. ***

P.S. If someone can help me in channel developing putting the link to this video on his facebook/discord or similar sites, I would be grateful! :D

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Re: The world without Internet - Software broadcast on radio

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My life is not improved with a cell phone. I like being able to look up a movie listing, call a doctor, or see a photo of my daughter at a moment's notice.

But what we lost carrying around cellular mobile phones is more than the positives. You don't need to be connected to everything, all the time.

That's what my Commodore 64 is for!
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