Adventure Construction Set: Jadeworld 2020 Edition

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Adventure Construction Set: Jadeworld 2020 Edition

Post by Baber64 » Wed Jan 01, 2020 2:05 pm


Jadeworld II: Chan's Ambition
2020 Updated Edition
An Adventure Construction Set Production
by John Baber

2020 Update for HEROES0.D64: To celebrate the new year, I modified the trap that Incredible Chap sets for Chan Ou-wan. I replaced a meaningless mob battle between Red and White Sects with a second trap from Tiger Wong and the Oriental Heroes themselves. Can your players escape from this double squeeze-play? Enjoy.

In this updated collection of Adventure Construction Set player levels, I have omitted the shareware version of the CCS64 emulator, but it is the one I playtested on and I recommend it for that reason only. I hope you enjoy my efforts to keep ACS and the Commodore 64 alive into the new decade...

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