UltrafontPC by Arkanix Labs

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UltrafontPC by Arkanix Labs

Post by Moloch » Fri Feb 24, 2017 8:47 pm

UltrafontPC V0.9b by Arkanix Labs


UltrafontPC is an application to assist in designing hires character sets for the Commodore 64. This Windows application is inspired by the c64 native Ultrafont by Charles Brannon.

UltrafontPC serves as a companion piece to our CartographPC, an editor used to create maps from hires character sets.

Adapted from VICZen 0.6a by Mark Thomas Ross (AuMTRoN)
Fixes, changes, and additional code by Andrew Vaisey (aNdy)
Suggestions and Testing: Jon Mines (Moloch), Ray Lejuez (Warlock)

Down from CSDb release page