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Fast Othello

Post by Baber64 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:31 am

This was a Commodore Business Machines generic version of Othello, meaning that it was designed to work on the Pet, 64, and 128 systems when it was written. So no color or sound.

As a young programmer in the mid-eighties, I first took out the basic checksum that prevented modifying the game code. Then I added color and a sound effect typed in from a Compute's Gazette article on the SID chip.

I also added a "warp" effect which would randomly remove a game piece from the board every few turns. Just something to jazz up the rather bland AI, which is still quite good in seeking out the four corners of the board (oops, I gave away the strategic goal). Enjoy!

One funny quirk/feature: You can enter "0 A" as your move to forfeit your turn. If the computer also forfeits that round, the game ends with whatever total there is. Make sure the total is in your favor before forfeiting!)

Fast Othello

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