Lucasfilm's Habitat Restoration - Looking for C64 coders

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Lucasfilm's Habitat Restoration - Looking for C64 coders

Post by gumpy » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:55 pm

For those of you who don't know - Habitat, the legendary online C64 game by Lucasfilm Games - is being restored!


The project is being led by original designers - Randy Farmer and Chip Morningstar.

We need some C64 coders to help out with two things:
1) Replacing the intro / splash screen with a new picture
2) Coding a custom log in to connect to Habitat

Right now, the project runs on top of Q-Link Reloaded, so the user has to load and log into Q-Link first and then select to play it from the chat room - the goal is to make a custom loader / log-in to by-pass this step, and be able to log-in move conveniently.

Here's what Habitat needs from QLR: Authenticate user's name, and 1986-era packet encoding/decoding. That is all.

Here's what Habitat needs from the Quantumlink client: Gather the user credential, load and start the MCM executable.

I propose replacing the QLink client completely and replacing it with a much simpler "Login" client. Takes username and password - QLRLITE (new) either validates that combo or creates a new account if the name is unique. Then goes straight to Habitat (MCM).

Ideally, this lite login app would be on the Caribe A disk, and be the one that loads as "*".

If we get that, next up might be to patch MCM to load the data disc (Caribe B) from drive 9 - which would mean we could run with no disk swapping!

For more information - check out:

Also check out the Neo-Habitat Slack: