In answer to jreece and the PLA controversy

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In answer to jreece and the PLA controversy

Post by eslapion » Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:28 pm

norm8332 wrote:Whats wrong with adding "some" or "may" or "can" or "may not"? The way it is now, it's a blanket statement and misleading to the buyers.

I didn't intend to start a big issue..We are arguing semantics.
IMHO, something like that was bound to happen.

I gave a presentation in Toronto a month ago where I list all the specific characteristics of genuine PLAs, signaling voltage, CASRAM latency, hysteresis on inputs, etc.. and most PLA substitutes out there are missing one or more of them.

I know only of PLAnkton and J-PLA which covers them all but there are easily dozens of products available so these 2 are a small minority. So for Mr. Everyone out there, they generally all have an issue or another.

Worst, I was banned from L3-5ixtyf0ur for defending the technical details I discovered. I think I stayed quite polite and civilized compared to virulent denials I was faced with.

Even here (here refers to the Denial forum and the posts from MCes), recently, I was faced with a specific forum user who very superficially studied the design of PLAnkton and decided, since he couldn't make sense of some aspects of it, that it was a totally flawed product.
jreece wrote:What counts is the responsibility on the part of moderators on this board. The general attitude seems to be to accuse and make opinionated comments without facts. That behavior is provoking and the business of moderators teaming up to attack someone...
On this specific point, I think he's perfectly right.

Wink to Mayhem and TNT...

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