C64 random maze

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C64 random maze

Post by funar »

Simple app generating a random maze from PETSCII chars made in actionscript 3.
Link http://emilfunar.deviantart.com/art/C64 ... -585844561
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Re: C64 random maze

Post by eslapion »

Impressive for a single line BASIC program. However the generated mazes are decorative but mostly nonsensical.

Just for the fun of examining the result, I ran it on both the VIC-20 and the C128 in fast/80 column mode.

A small BASIC program originally published in Compute's Gazette in the 80s was largely discussed and redone in C and assembler on the Denial forum.

I made my own version for the Protecto 80 column adapter of the VIC-20.

This program generates coherent mazes that can be solved.
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