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satpro wrote:
Prime wrote:I don't think a forum is the best place for this,i'll create a site and continue with it there.
I've got lots of space if you need something.

Not that I'm arguing with any of the points you have made here, but you and I have talked privately about this. Remember our conclusion? --> something along the lines of "so what, sharing knowledge is good, don't worry about those guys"

So, the things you are doing are important, especially to people who are new, interested, and may not have seen this anywhere else. We cannot lose sight of the fact that if you are just now experiencing CBM programming for the first time you are already 30 years behind, there are no Compute!-style mags out there (which might be fun to revive!), and reference, repair info, and even the hardware itself is scarce now.

Share what you know! It is deeply appreciated here.
I've never seen a bunch of people in there late years so fuckin ignorant towards others ever as the c64 community.
Couple of examples
c64endings this guy is a piece of work,constantly takes shots at Wayne how his art sucks(yet he does nothing but shitty hacks we could do in 2 minutes)
and it's never ending!!!Wayne wrote me saying I ignore his comments....that's what a guy in his 40's has to do ignore a Bully?
But since c64endings praises Psytronik mod's ignore his constant belittling of a member,with that I left
Also mod's see this happening but turn away,so Uncle K that's why I stopped coding blob I disagree with them.
Ste making a comment on bruce lee 2 easy to program sad if it doesn't happen!.....With zero assembly experience actually made that comment!!
That's the equivalent of me saying I want to build a space shuttle looks easy..Have you ever built one Rick no but since I drew pictures of one,i'm assuming not that much more difficult!
Not sure if melon will flag this and I really don't care it's the truth!


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Space shuttles are easy. All you need is a big garage and some strong jack stands, right? :D
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