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DNS server project

Post by zap » Fri Jan 01, 2016 1:11 pm

We have a fully qualified DNS server on cbm8bit.com that's been up for a few years now, i wish to share the resource with the retro computer community.

geheniau has been using our dns server for a while now on this sub domain for his C64 web server. http://server1.c64web.com and
we now have a web interface so users can update their zones online.

This will be a on going feedback driven project that will end in a service similar to dyndns but free.. I'm working on a few ways to automate updating your ip similar to how it's done by the other services.

Users will be able to bring along a domain or use one of domains i own. c64bbs.com c64web.com and a few others i will add.

Feedback as always is sort after..

C= 8bit search, simply finds files fast.