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Post by zap » Fri Jun 10, 2016 10:41 am

Just finishing up a online commodore disk image converter for the retro computer scene web drive! moving forward we will be building a 'ShareBox' for the WebDrive project.

The ShareBox will be a share folder for your WebDrive. Clicking share on a file in your WebDrive will populating a public file list for your WebDrive. You will have the option of using a project name or different username if you wish and a description for your ShareBox webpage. The ShareBox webpage is yet to be designed and i am looking for feature requests etc. An image of how you would like to see the ShareBox webpage formatted etc.

Looking forward to your feedback as with all our user driven projects.
Feature requests for the WebDrive are also requested.

Some feedback already in from a REMOVED via PM.

Feature request.... Looking into how this can be done.

The ability to Host a website from within your WebDrive folder.

Issues to fix:
Abuse, Can't be Automated must be by a case by case basis.

We can using redirects allow a sub domain or your own domain to be used easily.

Make this feature only accessible to know retro computer users based on check-able online history to solve abuse issues.

Adjust the WebDrive interface to allow for uploading common web files required to build a web site and setup the CKEditor tool. for these users WebDrive folder.


C= 8bit search, simply finds files fast.