Early prototype C65 on eBay

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Early prototype C65 on eBay

Post by honmecat »

Hi, I am selling an Commodore c65 aka Commodore C64DX in an early version. The C65 was produced before the case moldings in that stage didn't have the POWER and DRIVE emboss at the LEDs and the casae isn't roughed, it is still totally high-glossy. I offer limited warranty for a couple of months and free shipping! Board Rev. 2A - all other information in the auction text.
The link to the eBay auction is HERE

And here a link to the full video showing the machine in action. The lights for monitor are better after a minute or so when I realised the cam needs much less brightness set in the 1084.


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Re: Early prototype C65 on eBay

Post by banman »

Hi honmecat,

I see you got a sale! Well done....

Just question. I have never really seen many videos relating to this machine.
Do you or someone else knows any weblinks or YouTube videos on the subject?

It looks like a fascinating machine.

BTW, I did like your video you made for the eBay auction.
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