The Dungeon (2023 edition)

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The Dungeon (2023 edition)

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The Dungeon (2023 edition)
by John Baber

TheDungeon.prg ... n.prg/file
The Dungeon (deluxe edition with notes and programming concept scans) ... 3.rar/file

I made this in 1985, trying to teach myself how to program the Zork Interactive Language (ZIL) in Commodore Basic. I figured out how to do "take all" pretty well, and had five treasures for the player to locate. Took 38 years of beta-testing to finally get this game into playable shape. I have no idea how Infocom play-tested their real games in order to make their deadlines.

In memory of Justin Bertrand Galen Skywatcher, formerly known as Lynn Elmer Queen, who encouraged me to learn programming at Bethany College.

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